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The theatrical parlour pop of BEWARE OF TRAINS is a spirited collaboration between pianist, producer and singer/songwriter LEIGHTON JONES (The Dead Man's Waltz) and the operatic vocal talents of Scottish Soprano MARIE CLAIRE BREEN.

their debut single 'LET'S MOVE TO LONDON' was released on 29th MARCH 2019 “showcasing a rich layered blend of intelligently kitsch orchestral textures and operatic harmonies, the track rollicks along with the frantic parody and colourful satire of Sparks, Jacques Brel and The Divine Comedy”.

Their second single In Your Pocket was released on 28th June 2019. nodding stylistically to the 80's retro computing era, with nostalgia inducing game and arcade sounds juxtaposed with a 21st century narrative; a dead man duetting with his bereaved sweetheart from the digital eternity of his Facebook profile page.